Life is nowhere near as boring as you think it is.

I’m writing a fantasy story, with magic and elves and all that sort of thing. It will be the first story I’ll release. Can you imagine if we had magic in our day to day life? I think it would be boring.I remember when I bought the first iPad. Not the first one in the world, but the first release of the iPad. It was on release day. I hadn’t planned to buy one that morning, but I ended up getting one.

I was working in Chatswood at the time, and I clearly remember walking up from work that evening to the train station, looking around at everyone sitting on the benches that line chatswood mall, and thinking: “I wonder how long until everyone has one of these things.” I didn’t pull it out on the train. No one else had one out.

I never liked “old fashioned” things as a kid. It scared me to think what it might be like to live without television. Without videos. Without computers. I didn’t realise it at the time, but as I sat there on the train that evening I was witnessing the end of an era of technology: the tablet-less era. It didn’t take long until these devices were everywhere. There’s a sushi restaurant that I go to with my girlfriend where we order our meal on an iPad that sits in front of you. Have you seen House of Cards? Have you noticed that every character reads from a tablet the way any other character two years ago would have read from paper? They’re everywhere. I realised the other night that I had forgotten what it was like to not own one.

I really do believe we are living in the future as I thought of it as a kid, minus the space-exploring starships. I read my books on a Kindle. I write the drafts for this blog in an app that keeps my notes in sync between by phone, my iPad and my computer. Not to mention everything that’s happening in the universe, the human mind, our capacity for thoughts and emotion. All of that sort of thing. That to me is magic. And despite of all this, it’s all so common-place that people no longer see it as magic, the same way that we no longer see it a big deal to have a tablet device and hook a bluetooth speaker up to it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? NO WIRES??

The point I’m making is that we do live in a world of magic, and we have let it become boring and mundane.

My first story is about a group of skeptically minded characters in a fantasy world filled with magic. Even though there’s plenty of stuff that works in their world without their understanding, they know it doesn’t follow that everything unexplained must therefore be real.

The premise for second story is that aliens have turned up in the not too distant future and promised humanity that we are going to enter a new era of peace as part of some awesome alien culture that spans hundreds of worlds. But then we don’t hear from them again. Months go by, and people realise that they are going to have to return to the lives they thought they could leave behind.

Both of these are backdrops to their stories – the fantasy book isn’t just about these characters going around being skeptical, and the science fiction isn’t just about people putting their lives back together. These are the settings in which the stories will take place.