On time spent poorly.

Hi! My name is Anthony, and I’m a writer! I spend my time writing fiction and, when I need a break from that, I take photos. I guess what’s important to me is that I’m always spending my time creating. Since leaving full time work I’ve spent the all time I’ve had creating either fiction or photos.

When a person decides to become a writer they’re able to dedicate their time to writing, five days a week, as if it was their full time job. This isn’t a hard thing to do. To be a writer (or photographer, or painter, or YouTube content creator, or whatever) you have to have passion. That passion will drive you and keep you motivated. That passion stops you from wasting time with anything other than being creative. Like binge watching The West Wing because you remember how good the dialogue was so it counts as research anyway. Or playing Skyrim. Having that passions stops those thoughts from ever entering your head.

Furthermore, if this level of passion is not present, then you will not succeed at your chosen area of artistic endeavor. Everyone who has succeeded in a creative endeavor never feels tempted by anything other than working on their current project. They live in a state of creative zen on top of a mountain. They constantly churn out work and never feel like watching just one more episode of House of Cards.

All that is absolute crap. Well, except for me being a writer.

The problem isn’t the falling off the wagon. It’s when you decide it’s too hard to get back on. Or a waste of time, because you’re just going to fall off again.

Production hasn’t stopped. I’m almost through all the beta readers from book one. I’m still editing the draft of episode two. I have planned and plotted episodes three, four and, to a lesser extent, five.

But something snapped a week or so ago. I stopped thinking of the time I had wasted, or the time I might waste in the future. I started focusing on today – what I was going to achieve, what I wasn’t going to let distract me, and then sitting down and doing the work.

Exactly what changes I’ve made I’ll cover in more detail later. And by later, I mean really soon.

Meanwhile, procrastination has ever gripped you, I strongly urge you to check out The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (click here to check it out on Amazon). No, it’s not a silver bullet that ended my streak of procrastination – I read it at least six months ago and managed to still lose my way. But without it, I wouldn’t be here today, writing books, blogs and taking photos.

Stay tuned – more to come….

Fantasy Story Episode 1 – Ready for Beta Readers!


I know it’s been a long time. That’s technically bad – as far as blogs go I think one entry a week is considered a minimum. But in this case I have a pretty good excuse: I’ve been spending all my time writing. Well, maybe not all my time. I’ve managed to consume the entire season of True Detective. I’ve been reading books from the Sterling and Stone back catalogue. Not to mention about three weeks ago I thought to myself: “what is all this fuss about Minecraft? I should just Continue reading “Fantasy Story Episode 1 – Ready for Beta Readers!”


Three weeks ago, I wrote the draft to an excellent blog post all about how clever I am working out a proper schedule, putting word count targets into a spreadsheet and rostering my time throughout the week, including the hours at my casual job.

My calendar was full. Really full. And I use a Mac too, so it was all colorful as well! The plan was to punch out 30,000 words of draft and edit 30,000 words of draft every week. At 2,000 words an hour, that equated to 15 hours drafting and 15 hours editing (note that I’d just pulled that editing number out of nowhere – I had no idea how long it takes to hammer 2,000 words of train-of-thought drivel into something I’d ever let someone else read). So that was 30 hours, on top of the 25 hours or so from my casual job. That’s how it’s meant to be right? This is a job now, not a hobby! Time to actually get stuck in and do the work.

I had lasted two days, burning out halfway through a five hour drafting block.

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Life is nowhere near as boring as you think it is.

I’m writing a fantasy story, with magic and elves and all that sort of thing. It will be the first story I’ll release. Can you imagine if we had magic in our day to day life? I think it would be boring.I remember when I bought the first iPad. Not the first one in the world, but the first release of the iPad. It was on release day. I hadn’t planned to buy one that morning, but I ended up getting one.

I was working in Chatswood at the time, and I clearly remember walking up from work that evening to the train station, looking around at everyone sitting on the benches that line chatswood mall, and thinking: “I wonder how long until everyone has one of these things.” I didn’t pull it out on the train. No one else had one out.

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Hello! Chances are I don’t know you, but it’s possible that you’ve known me all your life.

Not me personally, of course. But the more I’ve spoken to people about what I’m currently doing with my life, the more I’ve heard people say “Oh yes, that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but (INSERT EXCUSE HERE).” Is this you? If so, then you do know me, because I was exactly like you. I would like to show you how I am choosing to not make excuses anymore and actually be what I want to be. If that inspires just one person to do the same thing, then I think this blog will be worth it.

There are things I’ve always wanted to do, such as maintain a blog (I swear I’ll make a second post for my street photography blog one day), lead a minimalist lifestyle (anyone who knows me would think that’s an outright lie), and write fiction. In fact, most of all I’ve always wanted to write fiction.

However, these were all things that I could do later. Maybe on a weekend I could look at really starting a blog. During annual leave I could look into purging some belongings to be more ‘minimallist.’ And the writing? Well, I can dabble at that during spare time on days off. It would be nice to do for a living, but surely that’s for lucky people. For me it’s just a dream.

Well … I just quit my job to follow my dream.

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