Life is nowhere near as boring as you think it is.

I’m writing a fantasy story, with magic and elves and all that sort of thing. It will be the first story I’ll release. Can you imagine if we had magic in our day to day life? I think it would be boring.I remember when I bought the first iPad. Not the first one in the world, but the first release of the iPad. It was on release day. I hadn’t planned to buy one that morning, but I ended up getting one.

I was working in Chatswood at the time, and I clearly remember walking up from work that evening to the train station, looking around at everyone sitting on the benches that line chatswood mall, and thinking: “I wonder how long until everyone has one of these things.” I didn’t pull it out on the train. No one else had one out.

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Hello! Chances are I don’t know you, but it’s possible that you’ve known me all your life.

Not me personally, of course. But the more I’ve spoken to people about what I’m currently doing with my life, the more I’ve heard people say “Oh yes, that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but (INSERT EXCUSE HERE).” Is this you? If so, then you do know me, because I was exactly like you. I would like to show you how I am choosing to not make excuses anymore and actually be what I want to be. If that inspires just one person to do the same thing, then I think this blog will be worth it.

There are things I’ve always wanted to do, such as maintain a blog (I swear I’ll make a second post for my street photography blog one day), lead a minimalist lifestyle (anyone who knows me would think that’s an outright lie), and write fiction. In fact, most of all I’ve always wanted to write fiction.

However, these were all things that I could do later. Maybe on a weekend I could look at really starting a blog. During annual leave I could look into purging some belongings to be more ‘minimallist.’ And the writing? Well, I can dabble at that during spare time on days off. It would be nice to do for a living, but surely that’s for lucky people. For me it’s just a dream.

Well … I just quit my job to follow my dream.

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