Surprise! Short story ready to read!

As I tacked on to the end of the last post, the draft for the whole Fantasy series is done. Remember that when I say fantasy “series” I’m talking about the first season of a serial. It’s not a whole series of big fat fantasy books like you see in book shops. So what I’ve written is the equivalent of one big-ish novel (around 120,000 words all up). At the moment it’s around 150,000 words, but that will be cut down in editing.

At the same time, I’ve also written and edited a short story set in the same world. This is the second draft, meaning that it’s ready for beta readers. As before I would like to offer it up to anyone who is interested in reading it. Here are the links:


Remember, it still needs to go through a round of beta-reading and another edit by me, then potentially a professional edit if I can afford it. Chances are that this will be the first thing I actually put up on the Kindle market, probably for $0.99. Let me know what you think!!

Seeing Through the Fog

Creating a World.

The fantasy setting that I’m currently writing in sprung up around the story that was in my head. At first I just needed locations for characters to go to, and then I filled in the blanks. There were also some basic ideas that I knew about the world before starting the draft:

1) Magic is real, in the sense that there are wizards that can command the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The afterlife and the existence of a spirit is just as unknown as it is in our world, today.

2) That gods were a real and active part of the lives of the people, and that prayer had measurable, tangible results. The gods were, however, silent on the matter of an afterlife.

3) Elves were in there somewhere but they weren’t really known to humans (though I didn’t know why at that point).

Into that world I wanted to put a group of skeptics that go around exposing fake psychics and spirit mediums.

Learning as I go.

As I sat down to write the draft, the fantasy setting became fleshed out through character conversation and from just writing what the characters were seeing. For example, at one point  Continue reading “Seeing Through the Fog”