Three weeks ago, I wrote the draft to an excellent blog post all about how clever I am working out a proper schedule, putting word count targets into a spreadsheet and rostering my time throughout the week, including the hours at my casual job.

My calendar was full. Really full. And I use a Mac too, so it was all colorful as well! The plan was to punch out 30,000 words of draft and edit 30,000 words of draft every week. At 2,000 words an hour, that equated to 15 hours drafting and 15 hours editing (note that I’d just pulled that editing number out of nowhere – I had no idea how long it takes to hammer 2,000 words of train-of-thought drivel into something I’d ever let someone else read). So that was 30 hours, on top of the 25 hours or so from my casual job. That’s how it’s meant to be right? This is a job now, not a hobby! Time to actually get stuck in and do the work.

I had lasted two days, burning out halfway through a five hour drafting block.

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